Wednesday, 20 August 2008

I'm a Stitching Angel....

I feel so honoured to be a part of this international swap and very, very excited. But, don't worry if you were not lucky enough to be a part of this swap as the free patterns are available to everyone, follow the Stitching Angels link every week for a new free pattern - how generous is that, thank you Helen for all your organising.

I have been given a fabulous Stitching Angel Swap Partner but I am sworn to secrecy about who she is and where she lives until she receives my hand sewn goodies, but we have some similar tastes so that makes my job as her swap angel just that little bit easier.

On the other side of things I also have an anonymous swap angel, somewhere in the world, who is sewing just for me, how special do I feel! We have made contact anonymously and between you and me I think she is the most perfect Angel a girl could have.

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Stitching Angel said...

this Perfect Angel is trying to pull the halo up at the moment. Love the blog keep it going plus photos so I can learn about you. hugs from your angel