Sunday, 7 September 2008

Crows and Roses

I am very proud to be a member of this group which started on Ebay UK over a year ago. It is a collection of talented designers, artists and crafters who are all passionate about their work. We came together as a group who love all things, prim, primitive, homespun, shabby chic and above all handcrafted. Each of us have our own area of expertise and this can range from home decor craft, dolls, candles, body products, handpainted objects, bags, and suppliers of fabric. If you check out this crows and roses then you can read first hand about some of our members and see some of their fabulous creations.

Where did last week go?

I can't believe that the weekend is here, I must have blinked and missed last week completely! I did virtually no crafting last week and I am starting to get withdrawal syptoms.

You may have noticed, or maybe not, that I have changed my header at the top of my blog. I am trying at the moment to design my own blog background layout, I have bought some digital papers so watch this space as I attempt to be creative. I belong to a scrapbooking group (Scrap Angels) that meets once a fortnight as I enjoy scrapbooking, but since I started doing this blog I am getting more and more interested in digital scrapbooking. There may be a few changes to my blog appearance over the next while until I find something that I am happy with. I don't have any fancy computer programmes so it could get interesting or completely disastrous - wish me luck.

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Stitching Angel said...

Its looking good. But lets see more of things made for you. I need help to know what you like.