Sunday, 26 October 2008

An Update .........

on my scrapbooking weekend. This is one of the four stone cottages that we stayed in, looks so traditional but has all the mod cons inside. We worked on some fabulous projects including a desk top calendar, mini Christmas album and a canvas. I am still working on the canvas so I will post a photo that whenever I finish it. We had, as expected, a fabulous time. I think the organisers liked their gifts from us all, I always worry that people will not like what I have made for them, so I am happy that they did. I also forgot to take a photograph of the finished item (the only photo I have is the sneak preview one!), by the way they were quilted journal covers, complete with journals so they can make notes whenever they have creative moments. I can't wait for next year, its simply the best weekend ever.

This weekend I am putting the finishing touches to my Secret Stitching Angel projects. I do hope to get them posted tomorrow, I am a little late in posting but I hope my Angel will understand. I also plan to photograph the finished items before I post them so that you can see them, but I will have to wait before posting on my blog until my Angel receives them. I also think that my Angel has worked out who I am (I'm not good at the secrecy bit - hehe). I am a little sad that this international swap is almost at an end but I really would like to keep in contact with my angels. I also hope that my Angel will like the projects I have chosen for her.

Take care x.

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MelMel said...

Sounds like a super weekend....i love the candle, i can just imagine how great it smells!