Friday, 31 October 2008

Yesterday I spent the day at a local heritage park The Folk and Transport Museum with my sister and my two little nephews.

It was a clear, bright but cold day just right for wondering through yesteryear times and leafy country tracks. The smell of peat was heavy in the air (I love that smell). After trips like this I appreciate the simplicity of peoples lives from long ago and I also appreciate the benefits of modern living such as electricity, central heating, plumbed water, the internet and doorways that I can actually walk through without banging my head! But there are some special things that really appeal eg the everyday crafts that are almost forgotten now, the wonderful art of make-do, the patchwork quilts, home baking, things that were built to last! These are a few of the photos that I took on our day out, I hope you like them.


MelMel said...

Looks a smashing day out!

love the little vintage pic!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,
Your photos are what I dream about...just heaven. I love antiques and all the wonderful simple pleasures that they conjour and to see them in Ireland as well...just beautiful. The Principal of the College I work at is in Ireland at the moment and a staff member just came back telling tales of just how perfect it was. My dad's parents came from Ireland and i intend to visit one day myself.
Enjoy the treasures that are around you.
Holly says a big thank you for your encouragement.

sMC said...

hello Stephanie I can now post as myself instead of The Stitching Angel. You got me really worried with the Visitors Tracker, but thank goodness someone else in Aus. was watching.
Love the photos.