Sunday, 11 January 2009

Feeling a Little Sad ....

Oh dear, I feel like I am missing my best friend. Let me explain, do you know that feeling when you have misplaced something and you desperately need it but its nowhere to be seen. Hehe, I know that is a bit on the dramatic side but my poor faithful sewing machine is feeling a little under the weather! I've tried to coax it with some gorgeous new fabric but all it wants to do is chew it up or not want to put its shiny needle through its fabric. I have twiddled with knobs, threaded and unthreaded, read the manual, spoke nicely but she wont cooperate. So there is nothing else to be done except take my little buddy to the repair shop, I hope they will be gentle with her. I have so many new ideas floating around in my head so I will have to put up with drawing them on paper until she returns.

So what is a girl to do except engage in a little retail therapy - I'm talking fabric of course! So here are a few photos of some lovely therapy that I have gleefully entered into.

Well this week also saw a return to work, not always easy after two weeks off, but this is usually the worst week so things can only get better - right!

Some lovely Michael Miller fabric.

Nanny by Jennifer Paganelli - Sis Boom for Free Spirit

Girlfriends 'Karen' by Jennifer Paganelli - Sis Boom for Free Spirit

Lily - Joel Dewberry

Sole by Valori Wells for Free Spirit

I know that they are not the newest designs but I like them and I got them for a good price, which is great. I have always liked the Free Spirit collection of designers, their designs are modern, vintage and floral definitely something for everyone.

I also love the Valori Wells fabric, isn't it gorgeous, I think it will make a great bag. I also love Valori Wells' blog its gorgeous and I just love all of the photos of the quilt hangings a really original way to display such beautiful quilts, (you will need to scroll down the page to see the quilts) it wouldn't work here in N Ireland - it rains too much lol.


Anonymous said...

I hope your little friend soon feels better, hope it can be repaired as I know how lost and sad I would be without my needles and threads. And I love the "free Spirit" fabric.

Just for you . . . said...

Oh Steph, I feel so sorry for you my lovely as I know exactly how I'd feel it was my machine . . . she is my right arm!!

Hope she's sorted soon and can't wait to see those scrumpious fabrics transformed into materpieces.


sMC said...

hope the machine is sorted by now. Absolutely love the fabrics, especially Valori Wells

Margie said...

Hi Stephanie. I know exactly what you are feeling, my friend was down for a long time, before I finally managed to get it together and get the necessary repairs. Your fabric is fantastic. Happy creating. hugs Margie.