Sunday, 15 February 2009

A New Bag and Other Bits and Bobs....

I thought that I had not been very busy this week but whenever I looked at the photographs I had taken, I thought well maybe I didn't do too bad.

The first thing I sewed was a new pattern for a bag. I used some of the lovely lilac fabric by Jennifer Paginelli for the bag with a pale pink lining. However, there is a slight problem with it - I didn't have the right interfacing for my fabric it was much too heavy and stiff. This has resulted in, what I can only describe as, a crunchy bag lol. I have now bought some of the correct weight and I think I will try it again as I quite like the shape. I like bags for real women, who like me carry everything they will need and much more, including the kitchen sink!

This is maybe a little premature in the year, but it is a lovely !little soft case for your sunglasses. Did you notice the quirky position of the button? Maybe not so quirky I just didn't pay attention to where I was starting to sew the button hole but I think I will stick with calling it quirky rather than a mistake.

This is a little felt pen roll that I made for my nephew's birthday, who will be 8 on Saturday. Do you think the fabric is manly enough? I know its not too cool to have your Auntie make you something for your 8th birthday but I hope this passes the coolness test.

PS did you ntoice that these were all photographed outside - surely this means that Spring is on its way, fingers crossed.

PPS I haven't forgotten about the giveaway - I'm still thinking about what to make.


Just for you . . . said...

Stephanie . . . you have been busy . . . i'm 'sew' impressed!!

I love the shape on the bag and adore the pen roll, what a fab idea.

Keep em coming!


Prim n Raggedy said...

These are all gorgeous Stephanie, I love the sunglasses case, especially where you have added the button, looks funky!

Carole x

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful stuff, and I do love the bag. xxx

Margie said...

Hi Stephanie, I am very impressed by the work you did, that lilac bag is so pretty, and your other pieces are very inspiring. hugs Margie.