Saturday, 7 February 2009

Love Hearts

First of all I would like to say thank you for your kind messages of 'Get Well'. I am feeling so much better so once again thank you.

I think that we seem to be the only area in the UK not to have any snow this week. Sure we have had frost and some sleet and freezing temperatures but the snow seems to have stopped about 10 miles from here. I like the snow but only whenever I can have fun in it, watch it from the fireside with a lovely hot cup of tea, I don't like to drive in it.

Well, last post I said I had some good news, and I do! Firstly I got my sewing machine back, and with being ill last week I didn't even plug it in! I plan to make up for that this week. My machine is pretty basic with no bells or whistles but we understand each other (most of the time) and I hope we have many more years together sewing (basically because I cant afford to replace her just yet!).

The other piece of good news is that I won a giveaway last week yippee! They are the most stunning pair of handcrafted sliver heart earrings. They are gorgeous and I can't wait to wear them. They were kindly given away Joanne Tinley of Daisychain Jewellery Aren't they exquisite? I love silver jewellery so these are just perfect for me. I had a look around her online store and she has jewellery that you know you just have to have, go and have a look you wont be dissapointed. Thank you so much Joanne for your genorosity and wow I love your jewellery.

These earrings made me think about having a giveaway of my own, but I will think about it a little more and let you know what I decide.


Jo said...

I'm glad the earrings arrived safely and that you're feeling better! Hope you enjoy wearing them.
Jo x

Anonymous said...

Glad you feeling much better. And those earrings are super. Nice to hear you got mr. sewing machine back all fixed and ready for action. xxx

Margie said...

Great to hear you are on the mend after that flu, and what news you have, I just love the feeling of having the sewing machine back, it is so good. As for the snow, we have it back this morning, so you may get some still. Congratulations on winning those beautiful heart earrings, they look stunning. hugs Margie.