Tuesday, 5 May 2009

A Little Jelly

Phew! I can't believe it has been so long since I last blogged. As usual my life has been busy, busy, busy! I have been on another fabric buying frenzy!!!! But, it was such a good price that I would have been a fool not to buy it (lol) now I just need to decide what to sew with it.

I have also treated myself to my first ever Jelly Roll and also a matching layer cake! I have looked at these so many times and thought they looked great but not sure what to do with them. So now that I have them in my sticky little hands I had to buy a pattern of course.

It makes me giggle whenever I think about the jelly roll all I keep thinking about is the skipping rhyme we used to sing back in the Olden Days (as my kids call it!).

Jelly on a plate, jelly on a plate, wibbly, wobbly, jelly on a plate :)

The pattern I bought looks pretty straight forward and I'm sure I will get around to it some time soon!


Anonymous said...

I like the quilt pattern, very nice and fresh looking. I have heard of jelly rolls, but not quite sure what they are, and like you, it also reminded me of the jelly on a plate song. xxx

Kinderfalls Primitives said...

I remember that song too. I love the pattern Stephanie. Pam xx

Just for you . . . said...

Like you Stephanie I love the look of the Jelly Rolls but haven't the foggiest what i'd do with them!!

And like you I remember that song all too well . . .


Deb said...

Hi Stephanie,
What absolutely delicious fabric. Love the colours and the freshness of it......and the name of course, looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.
ps. Your bag is very smart too!