Monday, 25 May 2009

So Excited........

Well, I didn't win the fabulous quilt in my last post or any of the gorgeous bag patterns, sigh, but at least I can buy the patterns and make my own!

On the other hand I am very excited to be taking part in Dana's On line Quilt Along. I have actually surprised myself by using fabric from my stash - this is very much a first and I think my hubby is in shock also. But that is too good to be true as I did have to order some fabric for the binding. There is a real assortment of fabrics in my selection, but all have the blue and brown theme, and they are also not usually patterns and colours that I would put together but Dana makes beautiful quilts with stunning patterns and colours so I just took the plunge - fingers crossed they will work!

This is the Kaffe Fasset fabric I have ordered for the binding.

Now according to Dana this quilt will be ready in 6 weeks. I hope Dana realises that I am not good with dead lines but I hope to try and keep to our schedule, so give me a nudge if you see me falling behind.

I think that this is the quilt that we will be making, doesn't it look fab! There is also a Flickr Group set up to see everyones fabric selection, progress and finished quilt, take a look if you love fabrics, some of the fabrics are so yummy.

Let the quilting begin!!

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dichro-findings said...

Beautiful Fabric!
Consider your slef blog tagged Hon!
See the post on my blog . . . . and it really would be nice if you participated so we could find out a bit more about the real you!
Luv Ya