Sunday, 15 November 2009

Stitching Angel Gift Received......Wow!

I was so excited whenever I returned from a little bit of shopping yesterday. Guess what was sitting on my doorstep with a green customs sticker attached? I just knew it was from my Secret Stitching Angel from America! I rushed inside (yes, I know I am such a big kid lol)and just about stopped ripping the parcel before I grabbed my camera. Inside where the most lovely of gifts, I can't thank you enough, thank you Liz.

So much thought, time and sewing has gone into these THANK YOU LIZ. Every single thing is gorgeous. The rose embroidered bag is fab and such a great size I know I will get lots of use from this. The blue needle case is gorgeous, the blue outside fabric is a suede fabric, so soft I can't stop stroking it lol. A beautiful pillow with stitching and peach ribbon roses, and speaking of roses there was a little bag of dried rose petals and lavender, all from Elizabeth' garden! A beautiful embroidered scissor keep, funky buttons and some trim. Then there was a little fabric brooch with stitching and ribbon embroidery, I think that will definitely be going on my coat.

A big thank you goes to Helen for organising this great swap. This is my second year as a Stitching Angel and I have my fingers crossed there will be one next year.

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