Sunday, 7 February 2010

Lapping it up .........

Yes, I know its a corny title but its the best I could come up with.

I have finally found my camera charger so I have some photos to share with you.

I made this lap quilt for my Dad, for Christmas! (unfortunately not finished until January) He is a very patient man, thank goodness, and I am pleased to say that he loves it.

I made it from an American Primer layer cake and used this pattern (you will need to scroll down near the bottom of the page to see it).

I couldn't leave my Mum out so I made her a lap quilt from this pattern called Lap Quilt in a Jiffy. Now, whenever it comes to quilts there is quilt language and there is Stephanie Quilt Language. So, whenever I see titles like 'Quilts in a Weekend' or 'Quilts in a Day' or 'in a Jiffy' this translates into Stephanie language as 'Lap Quilt in 6 weeks and quite possibly a lot longer' lol.

My Mum knows what I am like, and how slowly I quilt, but she loves the quilt so everyone is happy, until the next quick quilt I make.

I used a layer cake in 'Simplicity' it is lovely and flowery, something that my Mum likes, although the colours do look stronger than this in real life.

I simply machine quilted both quilts, I am dying to try and free motion quilt but I am so terrified of trying it my knees knock as I think about it. But, you never know some day I may surprise both you and me, I have bought the correct foot for my machine, but it looks so nice all packaged up in its little plastic box - sigh.

I have also slipped in another photo of my Mum's quilt just because I love how great quilts look all rolled up.


Christine said...

They are both gorgeous! When I see beautiful quilts like these, I get all fired up thinking I could try it but I'm only a beginner so I'll admire yours!
Best wishes

May Kristin said...

Beautiful and comfy quilts for your parents!