Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Strawberries and .............................

I have always wanted a hat, a big hat, for sunny days sitting in the garden with butterflies fluttering around as I drink a nice cold glass of chardonnay!  Yes, I am a dreamer but I found a pattern that was just perfect, just in case this idyllic moment ever presented itself.

The pattern in question is Amy Butler's Blue Sky Hat and I love it.  I took my usual time (forever) to choose my fabric and had many piles on my table of possible choices but  I decided on a Cath Kidston strawberry fabric, perfect for summer days!

I was more than a little worried about making this pattern up as it looked quite complicated but it actually came together without too much stress (more on that stress later lol). The pattern called for duck cloth which I had never used before but tracked some down in the Cotton Patch.  If like me you aren't great at reading instructions through fully, as instructed at the beginning of the pattern, then you will probably recognise some of the problems I had.  The crown section is made up with six pieces, 3 of which are sewn together and then the 2 sections are sewn together - my version, try to sew all  pieces together - not good, but I caught on with the lining pieces and it was so much easier!

The next little section of stress was sewing the exterior of the hat with the lining, simple I thought I make bags like this all the time - easy peasy!  Wrong!  I managed to sew the exterior to the lining no problem - right - wrong I didn't leave a gap to turn the hat through to the right side lol.  I fixed this by having to use my trusty little seam ripper (my best friend and trusty tool) and making a turning gap.  All sorted and voila my summery fantasy hat was created.

I sat back and admired it and then my mum admired it and guess what it has gone home with her, for her to wear.  So I guess it is back to the sewing pattern and machine to make a summer fantasy hat for me.

I alos forgot to say that the hat is reversible so I made the crown lining with a red and white polka dot.

PS - This is the reality photograph taken of my back garden, yes that is torrential rain (in July), maybe I should make hat number 2 in oil cloth or laminated fabric to match my welly boots - lol.


Karen said...

I've been eyeing up this pattern for a while. Was it really that stressful to make? I don't often suit hats so not sure I want to risk lots of stress if it's not going to suit at the end of it lol

Prim N Raggedy said...

Love the hat and the fabrics you have used Stephanie! Hope your Mum gets the weather to wear it!

Carole x

Just for you . . . said...


love that hat and the fabric . . . gorgeous!!

Snap - we've had a real downpour down here also!


Micki said...

The hat is so pretty Stephanie, and your garden is beautiful!

Lizzet said...

Great hat and you have chosen the perfect fabrics too!

Fresh Poppy Sisters said...

Super cute blog. We are following, would love if you followed us back!