Thursday, 16 February 2012

One Quilt Finished ...................

Yes, I have finished my first quilt of 2012 and it has gone off to its new owner :0)

What do you think?

It is for a gentleman but I wanted to use some bright colours, ie red, to lift it a bit.
He is a fan of John Wayne and western films and the paisley fabric print reminded me of the cowboy necktie thingies that they wore!

If he decides the colours are a bit too much, he can turn it over for a more subdued effect.  The back has the black patterned fabric with just one square block left over from the front in the centre.

I like this quilt - I kind of just winged it and didn't follow a pattern.

It is basically a disappearing nine patch design (I think this is what it is called).

It is a lap quilt (roughly 48" x 52" I cant remember exactly) so I hope that it keeps him warm as the cowboys ride past on their horses, into the sunset followed by a cloud of dust, in true western style!

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Anonymous said...

I love your blog and all your beautiful sewing

I have passed on a blogger award to you ...

Maria x