Monday, 1 April 2013

So Much to Share with you all .....

OK let me start by saying Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Easter - wow has it really been that long? Sorry

My lack of blog posting would maybe make you think that I have nothing to share or had disappeared to a far off land, no to each of those, but  I have been keeping busy, Honest.

So this post will be a little quick flash of what has been going here at MCH.

In Early December Super Hubs and I went on a Black Smithing Course for a day (yes really) at the fabulous The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum in one of the little stone cottages (with no electricity).  We wrapped up warmly and set off, not really sure what we were letting ourselves in for.  Well, I can honestly say it was one of the best days I have spent anywhere!  The fire was fuelled by  hand bellows so when one of us was hammering and  working with our iron the other was creating a steady rhythm pumping the bellows and keeping the fire at a good temperature .  There was plenty of hammering and the resident blacksmith was extremely patient, knowledgeable and a perfectionist which meant that we really left with a beautifully crafted iron poker and hoker.  The photos are a bit on the dark side (and yes that is me!) but it was a restored original stone cottage with no electricity in December!

Then we had afternoon tea (with a glass of champagne, very civilised) at the Titannic Belfast and had a look around at all of the exhibitions and memorabilia, I definitely recommend it.  If you are going remember to book online first as it was really busy.  Yes, that is THE staircase!!!!

I have been sewing away as a member of the Anything Goes Quilt Bee.  This has been a steep learning curve for me as whenever it comes to patchwork I am still a beginner, but good fun and I have met some lovely people through this.

I am also (running somewhat behind) taking part in the  2012 Designer Mystery Block of the Month,at the Fat Quarters Shop, such wonderful fabrics.  I have even signed up for the next Designer Mystery Block of the Month for 2013.

After some time of fabric taking over most corners of my house I have finally taken the plunge and bought some lovely Ikea furniture for storing my fabrics, notions and patterns which has been great as all my fabric has been taken out of boxes, bags and is all in one place.

I had lots of fun filling them all, the only thing is I didn't realise I had so much fabric - ah well you can never have enough lol ;0)

I have a cutting and ironing corner and a sewing area (under the spotted blue cover it is an extendable old dining room table, perfect if I am sewing something really big and need more room).  I think I will maybe buy some storage boxes to help tidy the messier areass.

So, I cant promise to post on a regular basis but I will try and come back as often as I can and I think my next post might involve a giveaway ;0)

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WinnibriggsHouse said...

So glad your absence has been because you are living your life to the full! You certainly seem to be filling it with some great memories and worthwhile jobs so I am sure everyone will forgive you if you just pop back now and then!