Friday, 22 January 2016

How Long?????

I really cannot believe I have not blogged for over 2 years.  I used to blog on a regular basis and I'm not really sure I know why I stopped - but I did!

So, 2016 is a new year, a new start and new blogging beginning, that is if there is anyone out there who still remembers me and I remember what I to do lol.

Well, I've had a look through my blog and to be honest not a lot has changed.  I still love crafting, trying new things, making bags and quilts, except of course the tiny fact that I am older than I ever was before, I wont tell if you wont - lol!

Firstly I have signed up for a super swap Send a Little Heart Swap from the fabulous Mad About Bags.

 I have been enjoying stalking getting to know a little about my swap partner Indigo Blue Designs. I love little swaps as you get to know other people that you may or may not come across in blogging land, so thats nice and you also get some lovely thoughtful little gifts - and who doesnt like surprise gifts. 

Well, it I think thats it for now as I often think that starting something is harder that actually doing something.

Keep tuned and I promise I will be back, hopefully sooner than 2 years. I will keep you updated on my crafting capers and there will definitely be more photos.

Take care and see you soon.


Josie said...

Great to see you back, looking forward to reading some new posts!

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Welcome back, well you're still on my blog feed so l'm sure there'll be loads of others popping in too. And although it's not been 2 years my own blog has been a bit neglected too. Good to hear you're in the send a little love swap, I am too and really enjoying getting my little parcel together. Hope to see lots of piccies of what people made very shortly, it's always good to see what everyone comes up with and as you say lovely to receive things made by others with so much thought going into it.

Stephanie - My Calico Heart said...

Aw thank you both, it's lovely to see familiar faces now I'm back in blogging land again.

Stephanie x