Friday, 19 September 2008

The Little Bluebird has flown in.....

Yippee! I arrived home from work today and there was a package from Buttonberry. I opened it, and as usual, it was beautifully wrapped (I love getting things from these girls) in blue tissue and tied with red and white ribbon sigh. I opened the tissue and look what was inside it is my first installment of the Little Bluebirds Block of the Month. I just keep looking at and admiring the fabrics, patterns and threads and maybe just one of these days I may even start to sew it! (yes, I know, I made a promise to have each block completed before the next one arrives, so here's hoping).

PS - there is even a bonus pattern (and fabric!) for a fabric journal cover - I am almost giddy with pleasure (I can see my husband raising his eyebrows at me, with that 'there she goes again! look' - hehe).

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Janelle Wind said...

Hi Stephanie,

How exciting that you have received your first installment of Little Bluebirds. I can totally understand why you would be thrilled with this package, the girls at Buttonberry have done a wonderful job of putting it all together. I look forward to watching your Little Bluebirds come together too. Happy stitching x Janelle
P.S. I can see Sit and Stitch over on your profile too - doubly exciting!!