Friday, 26 September 2008

Don't blink you might miss it....

I came home from work today and guess what was waiting to greet me over the fence. A beautiful sunflower that had been planted by my next door neighbours children. As our summer was so AWFUL, the sunflowers grew to great heights but not a single flower came - until this week. We have had a lovely week of sunny weather (something we should have had all summer!)and at last a beautiful sunshine yellow head full of petals smiling at me over the fence - better late than never.

Flowers that should have bloomed all summer just never seemed to appear and any that did were pummelled by the heavy rain and their lovely petals lay on my patio and garden. My sweetpea that I love to cut and put in the rooms of my house, guess how many flowers I got this summer - TWO FLOWERS!
I just hope that the winter is kind to us as it is going to feel neverending until we make it through to Spring next year. I know we don't get the extreme weather that some countries have experienced this year (and I am thankful for that and my heart goes out to people affected by this) but our weather just seems to be so gloomy and I know that I find it very hard to motivate myself when its grey, I like the sunshine it gives me a boost. I'm off to make the most of the sunshine and plant some cheery bulbs and wait for them to bloom in Spring!

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