Saturday, 13 June 2009

Coming up Roses........

I love the summertime! I am so much more motivated and energetic than in the dark and cold months of the year.

One of the things that I also love about the summer is roses. The following photos are of a cutting from my Grandmother's rose, which she originally planted over 70 years. I just love the colour, and I am afraid to admit it but I actually do very little with it. It is a climbing rose, I think, well it looks lovely against my fence, which isn't so lovely. I don't know the variety of the rose, if anyone can hazard a guess I would be very grateful. I always cut some blooms for my Dad as it was his mother's rose and I know it reminds him of her and his childhood.

I also think there is a little invasion of greenfly on it. I don't always like to spray with chemical sprays, if anyone has any greener/more organic options I would love to hear them along with any other rose growing tips. I vaguely remember my Grandmother telling me about spraying them with water and a few drops of washing up liquid, but I'm not entirely sure I could be mistaken.

If you like roses, real or painted then please take a look at the blog of my very talented rose grower friend and artist Sharon.

I hope the weather has been kind to you all wherever you are.


Melmaid said...

Hi Stephanie, your grandmothers rose is beautiful, I too love roses, I can appreciate how special that rose is to you and your Dad. Hugs Margie.

Sharon said...

Hi Stephanie!
YOur Grandmother's Rose is truly special and how wonderful to have a cutting from it.

I can't say what the name of it, but it is very beautiful. If you have any friends with a membership to the RHS, then I believe you cna send them a rose and they will try to identify it.

I don't spray my roses against greenfly, and I do not get too much trouble. They do get greenfly but it seems to disappear soon - the birds and insects get it I guess. I often spray the roses with a hose to squirt the greenfly off.

Hugs from Sharon