Thursday, 11 June 2009

I've Been Tagged...........

I have been tagged by Gloria sorry I have been a little late with my lists but here goes a little about me....

8 Things I am looking forward to

The summer
My sons exams being over
Going on holiday - anywhere, I don't know where yet
Good exam results for my sons
Getting my sewing machine fixed (it has refused to work tonight)
Summer swap with my Ebay group Crows and Roses
Getting my hair cut and coloured (no more grey!)
Spending more time in my garden

8 Things I did yesterday!

Came home from work and fell asleep on the sofa!
Sewed a new bag (great fabric!)
Tried to fold my ever growing fabric stash
Had a glass of red wine
Surfed the net for too long
Bought more fabric on Ebay
Had a lovely dinner made for me by hubby
Forgot to go to my scrapbooking class

8 Things I wish I could do

Organise myself
Hide my fabric stash from my hubby
Overcome my fear of water
Spend less time at work and more time crafting
Lose some weight
Dream about the winning Lottery numbers

8 TV Programmes I watch

Ashes to Ashes
Home and Away
Ghost Whisperer
Come Dine with me

If you would like to join in, and be tagged, then consider yourself tagged!

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