Monday, 13 July 2009

Old Red Barn Co Quilt Along..some progress at last!

This is the update on the Old Red Barn Co Quilt Along with Dana, I am running a little behind time (I know how surprising - lol)but I am slowly catching up. I have finally sewn all my blocks together (each block measured 12.5" x 12.5") and I think I like the finished result. I was worried about some of the colour choices I had made, but seeing it all sewn together I definitely feel that most of them work.

I think I will surprise a few people by my bold colour choices and patterns. These fabrics are typically more of the kind of style that I use in making my bags but I think I am loving them.

I just have to decide now on whether or not to add a border, I think I will, but not sure what yet! I also have to have a rumage through my fabrics and come up with something for the backing. I have a few blocks left that I didn't use in the quilt front so I may incorporate some of those with some large blocks of fabric, I'll wait and see. Another question I have is how to quilt it. I have hand quilted before, and I have straight line quilted before but I have yet to try my hand at free motion quilting. I have ordered a quilting foot for my machine in case I feel brave. I will keep you updated on my progress.

I have really enjoyed sewing this and the thing that I have enjoyed the most is the individuality and creativity that has become very apparent. We all started with the same set of instructions, and yet every single one has become an individual work of art and every one so different. I am amazed by the creativity and love of colour and pattern that is so very evident and the love of creating. If you would like to a look at the Old Red Barn Quilt Along Flickr Group I can promise the most amazing eye candy of quilting that you have ever seen.

Thank you Dana for taking us by the hand and walking us so carefully through each step, we really appreciate it.

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Kinderfalls Primitives said...

It's beautiful Stephanie and I love the colours. xx