Sunday, 4 October 2009


Yep, you've guessed it! STILL NO SEWING MACHINE! Its getting critical now, I have the shaking hands, the sweats - no I'm only joking, but yes I seriously miss my sewing machine! I have my fingers, toes and knees crossed that she comes back to me this week.

So I have no new projects to show you but here is a selection that I have sewed, pre repair, over the summer - enjoy!

This is a fabric covered journal for a friend's surprise birthday, made from Amy Butler fabric and a matching bag.

I needed a pincushion, as the one I had was really past it, so I thought I would try Portabellopixie's Cupcake Pin Cushion pattern. There were 2 options, high calorie version (large) or the low calorie version (small) - no contest really, I am a high calorie kinda girl - lol.

Yes. its big!

I am so behind on so many things because of the machine. I am behind on my Secret Stitching Angel swap gift, sorry. I am behind on my Crows and Roses Autumn Swap Gift, sorry, but I promise to work really hard and catch up when my machine comes home.

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