Sunday, 18 October 2009

Secret Stitching Angel

I got my little machine back, at last! yayyyy!!

However, it did take me some time to get my sewing mojo back, but its back and I am sewing away again.

I was very behind with my Secret Stitching Angel projects but they are all now packaged and ready to be posted tomorrow to America, fingers crossed they don't get caught up in the strike!!

It took me a while to decide what to make (no change there lol) but I finally decided on a fabric journal cover, a needle case, and a little drawstring bag. I also added into my parcel a bar of Cadburys chocolate (hope she likes chocolate), some shamrock seeds and a little teacher pin (as she is a teacher).

I can't reveal her whereabouts until I know that she has received them. I do hope she likes them, am I the only worrier about whether or not my swap partner will like what I have made her ?

I have also just finished my other swap gift for a good friend from the Crows and Roses group. I can't post a photo yet just in case she is watching, but again I am more than a little nervous about this, its a little bit different in style for me, but fingers crossed she will like it.


You know whenever you have a favourite pair of scissors (you know the ones I mean) that you keep just for cutting fabric, not one cut of paper is allowed - purely and simply for the precious fabric from my stash.

Well, keep yours hidden, even under lock and key! Especially if you have a music, guitar mad son (take a deep breath - in, out keep calm!) takes and them and wait for it (more controlled breathing) CUTS HIS GUITAR STRINGS WITH THEM! Can you believe it, I was almost beyond words as I chewed my way very unsuccessfully through my beloved fabric - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But you will be impressed, I kept my head and I calmly told him don't worry it was no big problem, but if it happened again I would not be responsible for my actions!!!! ROFL


Leanne said...

See this is why mine are actually in a drawer that locks. I've had to endure far too many things destroyed and then the feeble apology afterwards. Now when anyone uses my crafting things and then says "I'm sorry" I usually reply "you will be if you do it again!!" :)

Anonymous said...

Touch wood, no one has used mine yet... only hubby and myself at home, so I know who to blame if they go blunt. Beautiful angel gifts and lovely stitching. hugs xxx

clare's craftroom said...

I discovered my now very blunt pinking shears had been used for card making !!!!! Beautiful swap items ? will love them .

Ruth said...

Hi Stephanie: I have received the items and love especially love the fabric you used. I love chocolate but joined WeightWatchers yesterday to gave it to the adopted nieces and they love it. You did a wonderful job on everything. Once again thank you.

Narelle said...

Dear Stephanie, I find that the deep breathing helps sometimes, but not when it comes to the special cutting things. They are away in the back of my draw under things as i find if the men in my house can not open and see what they are looking for then they can not find it. Loved the stitching and the fabric that you used just lovely.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie Auntie Joan here, I am ovewhelemed with pride that the little girl I have know since she was 2yrs old, can produce such wonderfull works of art,your mum would tell me about the lovely thing you make, you certainly take after your granny Dwyer, she was a wonder with the sewing machine. lots of love to all xxxxx