Sunday, 7 March 2010

Getting Ready for Easter............

I have made a start in preparation for Easter, this is really very early for me, so please be impressed!

I have had this pattern for a while now, no surprise there I hear you say, and as the sun is shining I thought I would give it a go. It is a pattern called Harriet Rabbit from Kim Kohler of Veenas Mercantile. It is quite a prim pattern but I decided to make it a little more country in style.

I had some really springlike homespun in lemon with a purple check and also some lovely soft lilac check, I have them so long I can't remember where I bought them from.

Kim's instructions are for calico for making Harriet, and then painted a dark colour, but I had some super dark coloured calico which I bought from here and this is what I used (I think it makes her look like a chocolate rabbit).

I liked the pattern the only real difficulty was the long and skinny arms and legs which were not fun to turn right side out. I would definitely recommend using tube turners these made my life so much easier.

I also did not have any green coloured moss so I used some cut up strands of light green homespun.

I can't decide whether to hang her on the wall or have her sitting, I'm sure I will sort something out but I am enjoying moving her around until I get the right spot for her.

PS Anyone ever notice that whenever the sun shines it shows up the fact that you need to clean your windows - lol


Christine said...

Ohh! She's beautiful! I love the colours you used - I'm truly impressed!!
Best wishes!

Margie said...

I am impressed on many levels, one that you are already preparing for Easter, as you wished, also at how beautiful the rabbit looks, you choose really spring like fabrics, also at all the beautiful work you completed since I last visited your blog. Sorry, but I have no computer, just this one I use during tea break or lunch at work. I have enjoyed catching up and Thank you for visiting Margie's Crafts and leaving your lovely comment. (yes, the sunshine really does show up the need to dust and to clean windows)Hugs, Margie.

winnibriggs said...

Love your blog it really makes me smile and so I have awarded you a sunshine blog award. If you have not received one before, please check out my blog for further instructions. Continue to spread your sunshine we all need as much as we can get.
Jenny x