Saturday, 27 February 2010

I love this ........

I forgot to mention a beautiful gift that I received from my lovely hubby on Valentine's Day. We don't normally go overboard at this time of the year, usually just a card and small gift, so I was delighted whenever I unwrapped this beautiful little sewing themed box. It is just beautiful and so me! I can't help but keep looking at it. I just have to decide where is the best place to show it off. It also opens up to reveal a little storage area so I thought I would buy little vintage sewing items to keep in it.

Also a great quilt giveaway is currently underway on

Lili Tueller's blog go check it out by clicking on the photo in my side bar Good Luck!


Christine said...

I can see why you love it! What a beautiful gift from a very thoughtful hubby! You're very lucky!:-)
Best wishes


Micki said...

What a lovely gift! It is just so thoughtful of your husband!