Monday, 22 August 2011

A Few Bargains

Hi everybody, I hope you are all enjoying the summer, such as it is lol!

I wanted to show you my bargains, I love bargains.

This is a roman blind that I came across in my local Laura Ashley (one of my favourite shops) and saw this roman blind (plus cording and rail all ready to go) and it was reduced from £125 to £60 - I thought thats not a bad price and then I turned it round and it had been reduced further to £42.  
So here it is in all its glory, I love it.

One of my other bargains, from a visit to Kildare Outlet  and more than a few pounds spent in the Cath Kidston shop, amongst other things, I bought this bag.  It is a very soft charcoal velvet with flowers and I love it!  The only down side is that I must have slopy shoulders as it keeps sliding down my arm (non fabric handle - I think it may be vinyl or something) - or perhaps it is all those years of using my fabric bags with fabric handles that stay on my arm- but I still love it and it was only €30!

I think it has a lovely vintage look to it.

PS Margie I just might take you up on that offer too, thank you.


Margie said...

That bag was indeed a bargain, and your window blind is really pretty.
Looking forward to your visit! Hugs, Margie.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie I love your site and seeing all your fabulous works :) your blind is just gorgeous :) am partial to a we bargain myself :-D xo