Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy :)

Yes, I am happy!  
Just take a look at the gorgeous fabrics below and you will see why.

If you are even a fraction of the fabricaholic that I am then you will understand, and if you aren't then please just smile, I mean you no harm - just dont judge me too harshly.

What is it about fabric that makes me so happy, just happy folding, lifting it out, having a look, refolding - ok I am going to stop there before you think I am weird ;)

A little bit of Ruby from Bonnie and Camille

For the guys Curious Nature by Parson Gray

Gorgeous from Amy Butler (this designer can do no wrong in my eyes) some Daisy Chain and some Midwest Modern

Fantastic fabric from Joel Dewberry Heirloom - love it

I also have 2 baby/children quilts under way, just the binding to finish on these

Space Fabrics and panel by Makower

Fabrics from Riley Blake Scoot by Deena Rutter

I'm not sure if I told you that I am a bit of a scrapbooker!  
Yes, I do dabble in it and this is a very special album for someone very special.  
It hasn't been handed over to the new owner yet so I wont show you inside and it is still a work in progress.
Albums are very expensive so I bought a plain coloured one and then made a fabric cover and I think it looks so much better.

Ok I'm off now I've drooled enough.


WinnibriggsHouse said...

I absolutely understand. I too am a drooler and forgive anyone like minded. Yours look great and I love those quilts.

MelMel said...

Lovely selection, I can see why you are pleased with them!MX

Jenevieve said...

Lovely fabrics! I'm envious of anyone who can scrapbook, whenever I try it just looks awful! :) x

Margie said...

Beautiful fabrics Stephanie, I am looking forward to seeing what beautful work you create using them. Love the quilts too.(Happy contented sigh) Big hugs, Margie.