Sunday, 29 April 2012

Measure Twice, Cut Once!!!!

Yes, that pretty much explains my Sunday morning.

I always do my ironing on a Sunday morning so this morning I thought I would be sneaky and try and fit a little stitching in first - it wouldn't take long (first mistake).

At a Craft Fair recently I bought some fab fabric, but only a fat quarter of each, and thought this is going to make a fabulous Ipad cover (do I have an Ipad - no!).  I thought about what I would need and decided to use a piece of each fat quarter (a fat quarter measures approx 18" x 22"), thought about how I would need to use fleece for padding and pulled out some really thick and luxurious flannel that I had been saving for a snug lining. 

 I cut, ironed, pinned, sewed and thought this is going to look so great (second mistake).  I sat back and admired my handiwork, I liked what I saw, now to get hold of an Ipad to complete.  I borrowed my sons and, welllllllllllllllll the Ipad wouldn't fit in :(

I looked in desperation at my creation and also at the remnants of precious fabric, now seriously reduced in volume - what was I to do!  Well, this time I measured twice (in fact several times - read paranoid here) I fiddled with what fabric I had left and held my breath, for what seemed like an eternity - guess what????????????   IT FITTED :0))))) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, are you still with me, so I now have a too small cover for an Ipad, which I now have my order book in and its really great having a padded for protection pocket for my, ahem, order book. 

I also now have an Ipad cover, padded and lined with snugly flannel in my special fabrics and no Ipad to put in it (I plan to work on this shortage, as I dont even have a smart phone, in fact mine is incredibly, well not smart).

Sigh, I guess I have to get the ironing started before I run out of time and clothes.

Have a good weekend whatever you get up to.

PS I have just realised that I have been given not one but two blog awards, thank you so much :0), I will have a think about who to pass them onto and post soon x


Margie said...

I think you did fab Stephanie, despite what you were calling mistakes, you have two perfect covers, I love both fabrics in them, and best of all you also made great use of sunday morning. Big hugs, Margie.

Tracy said...

Both the covers look brilliant I was wondering if you could use the smaller cover for a kindle or other such book reader thing bob!,