Saturday, 10 November 2012

A quick Catch Up ..............

OK, firstly apologies (again) as I have not blogged since September!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

So here are some photos of what has been keeping me busy and away from my blog.

This quilt has been in the 'To Finish' pile for quite a few months this year.  It was easy enough to do complete the patchwork part and I love the large star on the front made from the In Color Order Giant Vintage Star Tutorial.  It was so easy and I had some Tanya Whelan fabrics and a square or two of Cath Kidston Classic Rose in blue and away I went.

I love this so much!

On the reverse side, at the moment I am very into double sided quilts - two looks in one quilt, and this was a simple square block.  I am loving this side too I think it has a real vintage look to it.

And can you see that I free motion quilted the whole thing, which incidentally measures 86" x 80", yes that's right, are you impressed? - me, who was so afraid of free motion quilting my knees knocked.  Also I quilted it on my basic run of the mill, nothing fancy, no whistles or bells and very small sewing machine.
There are lots of different patterns for free motion quilting with wonderful names etc and my name for my free motion pattern is 'Wiggly Woo and see how it goes, made up as I go along!'

And, I hear you cry will you make another massive quilt like this and free motion quilt it on your teeny tiny machine, as it looks so good now? - the answer would probably be, well I managed it this time but probably no if the quilt was this big lol.

Another exciting thing I have been trying and you can see how it all started here, with the lovely ~Carole from the Craft Studio Bangor.  

Furniture painting, oh how I love thee!

Well, I am sure that I am just like of many of you with gorgeous orange pine or mismatched furniture and not enough funds to replace it, well have a look at this. 

This is the 'before' in all its orangey goodness

Well take a look at it now! 

I hope you are impressed because half way through I thought "What am I doing, I'm ruining this perfectly good piece of furniture that I cant afford to replace if I mess up?"  After a little perseverance I relaxed and thought "I am a clever girl"  (sorry I do a lot of talking to myself - please don't judge me!).

I had intended to replace the knobs but I couldn't unscrew the screws of the pine ones, but hey I'm ok with that and now I am looking around to find another piece of furniture to paint and use my new knobs - kind of makes sense in a weird sort of way, its ok to humour me lol.

Hope you have had a productive October and start of November.


The Craft Studio Bangor said...

You most definitely are a clever girl...just look at that wiggly woo!! I am so impressed, it is GORGEOUS & so shabby chic! It must have taken a long time to do such a large quilt, but you have something to treasure forever! I'm so pleased you are enjoying the painting, you did a fab job! x

Maria said...

Good to have you back. I'm amazed at the wonderful job you did on the quilting on a tiny machine. LOLLL Perfect. Love your paint job too.

Ali said...

Hi Stephanie,
You should be really proud your revamped furniture looks amazing. I could do with you to popover as my daughter has a similar set of drawers which could do with a coat of paint. I'm impressed with your quilts. I don't think I could tackle such a big project.
Ali x