Sunday, 23 September 2012

Blowing off the cobwebs ....

Wow I cant believe it is so long since I blogged! 

Well I have been busy doing lots of different things so here is a quick catchup

Firstly, I was lucky enough to attend a furniture painting class at The Craft Studio Bangor - oh my gosh it was so much fun!

My friend Carole, a fabulous crafter of every creative type you can think of, was our wonderful teacher/instructor and shared many of her top tips for painting and upcycling furniture.  
The other students were so lovely and friendly, the day was sunny and we all came home with these 

After painting my table I thought I would like it a little distressed around the edges so I got busy with my sanding block.  
We also had the chance to decopage bottles, jars and photo frames.  It was so lovely to see something very ordinary (probably destined for the bin) transformed into something that looks lovely in your home and the best bit is that you did it!

this is a little mosaic of our day.

 and this is a photo of me in a plastic apron at the course,the apron was essential as I am a very messy worker, sorry about your tablecloth Carole :0(

Also, I recovered my table top ironing board in some really nice Joe Dewberry fabric and added some new wadding, so it is better than ever and much easier on the eye too!

A yukky before (embarassing, yep!)

Lovely fabric in after photo (love it!)

I have also joined my very first quilting bee - yikes!
I was more than a little nervous about this but the other members are so great and we are one month in and I have completed my first block  for Anna - phew I am starting to relax a bit more about this
The bee is called the Anything Goes Quilt Bee further information in the  blog.
This is my quilt block for September,  who is Anna at Quilting Along the Grain, and this is the block I sent to her.

Aren't the fabrics gorgeous in this one?  I am really looking forward to next months and also to seeing all of the quilts finished.

I have also signed up for the 2012 Designer Mystery Block of the Month

I get a package each month with a pattern and fabrics for that months block.  I chose it because of the beautiful colours and fabrics used.  Each month the block is different and designed by a different designer but everything will match because of the same range of fabrics being used.

This is the first block, I am running a little late with keeping up with this but I'll get there.

I think my points need a little bit of work, but I dont usually do patchwork that requires so much cutting for the blocks so this will be a learning curve for me, hopefully a pleasant one lol

I have also been a part of the Sew Spoiled Braid Bag Sew Along and I am really enjoying making this bag up along with everyone else.

 This is my progress so far with the braid bag sew along, loving the fabrics in this one.

I'm sure there is more but thats all I can think of at the moment.

So I suppose thats not too bad for being missing from my blog, does that sound like an excuse lol 

Hope you have been busy and enjoying life.


The Craft Studio Bangor said...

Thanks for your kind words Stephanie and I love your ironing board cover! Can't wait to see your finished quilts!

The Homespun Loft said...

Hi Stephanie, looks like you had a wonderful day with Carole...oh I wish I lived closer! xxx

Ali said...

Hi Stephanie,
I've just popped over from Mad About Bags as I'm your swap partner. Looking forward to reading your blog.
Ali x