Monday, 9 December 2013

Its Starting to feel a lot like ....


Anyone else feel that Christmas kind of just sneaked up on us or just me!
I always feel like I have loads of time and then bam it's here.  It's not that I don't enjoy Christmas, I love it, but I always  seem to seriously underestimate the time I need to put in place all of those creative projects that fill my head at this time of the year.  I can sit for hours researching just the right creative project for each special person, that I handmake for at this time of the year, sometimes more time researching and not so much creating.  

This year I thought things will be different!
One thing I have loved being involved in is joining the great creative folk at The Modern Quilt Guild of Ireland.  I am sure you will know that I love quilts and I really would like to learn more about quilting, so I am in awe of some of the talented people in this group.  I am very much a beginner and feel very privileged to be associated with them.

I joined them in a pincushion swap and this is the beautiful pincushion I received.

And can you believe it that I forgot to photograph the pincushion I sent to my partner lol.

So I was very excited to learn that the same group were organising a Modern Christmas Table Runner Swap.  I signed up and researched what my swap partner liked in terms of colours, patterns, designs etc.  I finished my table runner, packaged it up and it went in the post today. 
This is what it looks like, I have my fingers crossed that she likes it.
We also had to include a little Christmas decoration, so I included this little penguin that I had made.

I really hope she likes it and I also can't wait to see what my swap partner has made me.

 I am so very excited, I will probably be stalking my poor postman for the next couple of days!


Maria said...

Nice to see you posting again. Love your table runner. I can see you're going to be making some beauties in the future. This is a great start to quilting. Cute penguin too.

Helenjean said...

hi Stephanie, your table runner is lovely, I too joined the online group recently and have had great fun with this, and am in awe too at the skills these people have!
watching for the postman as we speak!

Margie said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment, I appreciate all your lovely words, hope you keeping well big hugs, love margie ❤️